I loved "Severance" too, but there are so many other series from this year you're sleeping on, from "The Midnight Club" to "Single Drunk Female"

November 2022

In Netflix’s Swedish boarding school drama “Young Royals,” the brooding young prince likes boys. Beyond the addicting central romance, there’s lots of…

October 2022

Though they’re different in tone, theme, and genre, these shows are part of a new trend of shows that focus on friendship rather than romantic love.

August 2022

"The Bear," "Trying," and "Never Have I Ever" kept me (somewhat) sane.

July 2022

“The Wilds” is the kind of show that grabbed me in the first five minutes. Here’s why I love it.

May 2022

There is much to analyze and problematize in shows like the popular “Bridgerton" and the romance genre writ large. On the other hand, it’s just what the…

March 2022

Growing up with a disabled brother, and living with long Covid, has made me especially sensitive to the ways disability is portrayed in the media.

February 2022

We discussed why TV is more than just escapism, “I Kissed a Girl," the virginity construct, and how even the best representation often stops short of…

December 2021

Kaling's latest streaming successes are both entertaining, and make some strides for representation. But they fall short when it comes to deeper…

November 2021

Revisiting portrayals of virginity in "The O.C.," "Friday Night Lights," and "Sex Education"—and what I got wrong

October 2021

Zach Gilford’s new show, “Midnight Mass,” isn’t very good. Luckily, “Friday Night Lights” still is! (Well, season 1.)
Warning: Spoilers